We believe that when people work together, great things happen. Making a payment through our app is an instant and secure way for you to support small businesses in your community. It's simple to use, keeps your bank details safe and puts you in control of your money.


Incomeing allows you to pay businesses quickly and securely using a bank transfer, without the need to share bank details or re-enter information each time.

When a business uses our app, you can:

  • Receive payment requests via email, SMS or QR code.

  • Pay quickly and securely through your existing mobile or internet banking.

  • Receive reminders for payments that are due.

  • Support small businesses by sending your money directly to their bank account without delay.

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We care about you and other customers as much as we care about the businesses we support.

That’s why our app has been designed to:

  • Offer a quick and easy way to pay for goods and services.

  • Keep your bank details private

  • Ensure you pay the right amount to the right person every time.

  • Avoid you having to remember when payments are due.

  • Give you greater control over when your money leaves your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about Incomeing and how it works? Take a look at the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.


"I can bill my customers by text or email promptly, and get paid without fuss direct to my bank.  Customers think it's great too, they don't have the faff of entering my bank details. Once I'd registered, billing customers is so easy.  Just a text from me, and a couple of clicks from them and the money is already in my bank"


Incomeing was created to support small businesses. We believe that by making banking fair and simple, we can solve a lot of the challenges that you and other small businesses face. Incomeing makes it easy to pay and get paid, so you have more time to focus on what you love.