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The easy way to pay and get paid

The free App for small business that makes customer payments instant, simple and secure. Generate cost effective payment requests, manage your cash flow and automate your financial admin on the go with Incomeing.

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Get Paid

Want to receive instant and secure customer payments for just 20p per transactions, and find a simple way to automate financial admin?


Received an Incomeing request for payment via email or SMS?

About Us

Incomeing was created by a team who have started and run their own small businesses. That’s why we believe that by making payments instant, cheap and secure, we can solve a lot of the challenges that small businesses face.

With just a few taps, Incomeing allows you to generate payments requests from customers, costing just 20p per transaction - one of the lowest rates on the market.


We make it easy to pay and get paid, so you have more time to focus on what you love.


"I can bill my customers by text or email promptly, and get paid without fuss direct to my bank.  Customers think it's great too, they don't have the faff of entering my bank details. Once I'd registered, billing customers is so easy.  Just a text from me, and a couple of clicks from them and the money is already in my bank"

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