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You deserve more time to spend on helping your business thrive, and less time chasing payments, tackling financial admin and waiting for money to hit your account.

Incomeing enables you to send instant payment requests to your customers. Simply input the amount and their contact details. We make it easy for customers to pay the money directly into your bank account that same day.

An instant, cheap and secure way for to access the money you work so hard for, and organise your business finances at the same time.

Get Paid
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Incomeing uses secure bank technology to generate quick and easy bank transfers between small businesses like yours and your customers.

With the app, you can:

  • Send payment requests via email, SMS, QR code or WhatsApp

  • Receive instant payments, the money arrives in your account the moment the customer pays 

  • Chase late payments with one tap 

  • Automate financial admin 

  • Gain visibility of your cash flow

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We know what is important to you and your business, so we developed an app to help you on your way.


Incomeing has been designed to help you:

  • Manage customer payments for just 20p per transaction, only payable if you get paid

  • Save time

  • Get paid directly into your bank account, unlike card or PayPal transactions.

  • Improve payment accuracy and security

  • Increase your cash flow

  • Improve payment accuracy, security and reconciliation

What makes us different?

We're instant

No cash held in e-wallets, no transfers to holding accounts. Unlike debit card, credit card or PayPal transactions, you receive your money instantly, as soon as a customer responds to your request.  And the funds go directly into your nominated bank account.

We're cost-effective

We're one of the most affordable payment systems for small business. We offer a flat transactions fee of 20p per request, only payable once a customer pays via our service.

We're secure

We use existing banking technology to give you a simple but safe way to get paid. Your account details are never shared, not even when we send the payment request so there's no risk of the wrong amount being paid or the money being sent to someone else in error.  Incomeing generates secure requests that directs customers straight to their mobile or internet banking provider. We never see your account details and don't share your information - we simply enable your payment requests and let you know when you've been paid.


No monthly subscriptions. No large complicated transactions fees. No unexpected costs. Just one small flat fee of 20p, which we only charge when a customer pays you via our service.

We’re working to make business payments fair and simple, which is why our cost structure is designed to help small businesses like yours grow, rather than add to your outgoings.


"I can bill my customers by text or email promptly, and get paid without fuss direct to my bank.  Customers think it's great too, they don't have the faff of entering my bank details. Once I'd registered, billing customers is so easy.  Just a text from me, and a couple of clicks from them and the money is already in my bank"

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about Incomeing and how it works? Take a look at the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

  • How is Incomeing regulated?
    The payments sector is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ensure the highest standards of technology, security and integrity. We have become agents of Moneyhub to ensure the Incomeing service is fully compliant with these industry regulations, giving you peace of mind that our app is supported by these standards, to which both Incomeing and Moneyhub can be held accountable. You can see our terms and conditions and those of Moneyhub within the app, and we will also link to them when we contact you directly.
  • How much does it cost to send a payment request?
    We don’t believe in large transaction fees or monthly subscriptions. That’s why we only charge a small fee, and we only charge it if your customer pays you. For every payment that is made, we will only charge 20p. Our billing period is monthly, and we will send you a Request to Pay to settle our bill.
  • What do I need to get started?
    If you’re looking to set up an account with us, you will need an email address and a mobile phone number so we can verify your device, communicate with you and send requests to your customers. You must have a UK bank account and your bank must be a participant of the Open Banking network. Most UK banks are now members, and if you don't see your bank in the app, check back again soon as more banks are joining regularly. You will need to log in to your online banking account when you sign up with us. If you would like to link your Incomeing account with Sage, Xero or Quickbooks accounting software, it is worth keeping your login details handy as well.
  • What if my bank isn’t listed on the Incomeing app?
    Only banks which have joined the Open Banking network can be listed on our app. Most UK banks are now members, and more are being added regularly. If your bank is not yet showing in the app, please let us know via
  • How do I request a payment?
    You can send requests for payment directly to your customers simply and quickly. First, click Get Paid on the bottom bar in the app. You can choose to attach an invoice as well or send a standalone request. Then follow the instructions to choose who you want to request a payment from, input how much they owe you, what it is for and when you would like to receive the payment. The final step is to choose whether to send the request via email, SMS, WhatsApp or in-person using a QR code. It’s as simple as that. Once your customer receives the request, they can choose to make an immediate payment or schedule the payment for a future date. All payments go directly into your nominated bank account, without the need for you or your customer to share bank details. We will also notify you within the app and, if you have connected your account with your accounting software, we can update the payment in there too.
  • Using QR codes to raise payment requests when Face to Face with your customer
    If you are Face to Face with your customer you may want a more personal approach to requesting payment, one with a better experience than sending an email or SMS. QR codes are a simple way to ask your customer for payment. Create a payment request within the App, if you intend to generate a code you do not need to input an email address or a mobile telephone number. Select the delivery method of Face to Face and continue. A QR code will be generated instantly which your customer can scan with their device camera.Once scanned a URL will be displayed which they should open, this is the request for payment, with all the details securely embedded within it.
  • How will requests sent by SMS appear to my customer?
    As default requests generated by SMS will be sent via your own mobile telephone number. This promotes confidence with your customer that the requests are from a genuine source. You do have the option to disable this function from the App Features section within the App settings. Disabling sending SMS from your device transfers the service to our inhouse service, when customers receive via this method the SMS is displayed as being generated by Incomeing When requests are sent via SMS from your own device we will display them with a status of 'Created'
  • Can I send requests via WhatsApp?
    Yes, you can. WhatsApp needs to be already installed on your device. Our App will detect if it is available When creating the request you must include your customers email address. Once the request has been created you can elect to send via WhatsApp. WhatsApp will launch on your device and you will need to select the recipient from the list displayed, you can then select Send. If you do not select send from within WhatsApp the request is not delivered. WhatsApp is configured in a way that does not share certain data back with integrated Apps. For Incomeing this means we do not receive confirmation back from WhatsApp that requests have been delivered. We will display requests sent via WhatsApp with a status of 'Created' in our app. This status will change to Paid as standard once the request has been settled.
  • Sending requests via SMS from my own device - iMessage
    iMessages are texts that you send to another iPhone or iPad. These messages are encrypted and appear in blue text bubbles. iMessages have built in security which can prevent payment links from displaying correctly if the sending and receiving parties have not previously communicated by iMessage before. If you have a customer who says the link does not display correctly all they need to do is to reply to the iMessage. Replying has the effect of establishing a two-way communication and will activate the payment link. You will not need to resend the payment link again.
  • What are the different status of payment requests I can see?
    *REQUEST MADE - a request that has been created and sent to your customer. *CREATED - your request was created and you elected to send via WhatsApp or via your own device SMS. *IN PROGRESS - your customer has opened the request and is attempting to make payment. A payment can stay in progress for up to an hour, giving your customer time to connect to their mobile banking of choice. If not paid within an hour it will revert to a status of Request Made. *PAID - your customer has made payment, the funds are in your account in real time. *DECLINED - your customer declined your request. Declined requests cannot be resent. We suggest you contact your customer to establish the reason they elected not to pay. *CANCELLED – Requests that have been created but have been scheduled to deliver on a date in the future can be cancelled. This is the only request type that can be cancelled.
  • What is a 'Heads Up' Notification
    The most important relationships in your business are the ones you have with your customer. We want to ensure we treat your customer as if they were our own. They need to have confidence in any request for payment that they receive. To build on this level of confidence and give your customers assurity that all requests for payment are genuine and secure we will send a message in support of the very first request for payment you send to a customer. This 'Heads Up' advice lets your customer know you use a payment service provided by Incomeing, and that the request they receive is genuine and valid. The 'Heads Up' notifications can be disabled as default from within App Features, on the settings tab. If left enabled we will still prompt you for authorisation to send each 'Heads Up' message on a Customer by Customer basis. We only ever send a 'Heads Up' notification to a customer once.
  • How quickly does the money reach my account when a customer makes a payment?
    You should see the money in your nominated bank account as soon as your customer has made the payment. There’s no wait for the payment to clear, no 5-7 days for it to be transferred to your account, and no need to withdraw funds from an e-wallet. You receive all your payments into your account instantly.
  • What will I see on my statement when I receive a payment?
    Your bank statement will show the same reference that you applied to the payment request when you created it within the app. If you have linked the app with your business accounting software, then we will also apply any received payment to the associated invoice automatically.
  • Which Accounting Packages can I link?
    We have connections into: QuickBooks Online (excluding those that don’t support API connections) Sage Business Cloud Accounting Xero
  • Can I share my thoughts on how to improve the app?
    We would love to hear any thoughts and ideas on how we can improve. Send us an email to to let us know your feedback.


Incomeing was created to support small businesses. We 
believe that by making payments fair and simple, we can solve a lot of the challenges that you and other small businesses face. 
Incomeing makes it easy to pay and get paid, so you have more time to focus on what you love. 

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